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…probably doesn’t interest Margo in the least.

(Yay, Margo!)

Good lord — can Lu Ann be far behind?!?!

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By bats | July 22, 2012 - 12:06 pm
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Okay, to review this 9-month-long story:

  • Rex’s patient Foster dies falling down a flight of stairs.
  • His widow is accused of murder but is cleared.
  • Rex inherits $25K from Foster; he uses it to pay funeral costs, lawyer fees and give the rest to Foster’s ranch-runnin’, screen-writin’, hard-drinkin’, bathrobe-wearin’ daughter Iris.
  • Iris heads to L.A. to write the screenplay for Foster’s manuscript (yeah, sure, those cattle can look after themselves).
  • The End.


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Over in Judge Parker land, Sam and Avery the Agent are being chatted up by Big Bubba, a pot farmer to rival all pot farmers.  I guess what it all boils down to is Dream Big, Jeffy!

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I wish I could quit Funky Winkerbean, but then Somebody introduces a little black kitten that somehow stowed away in a tourist’s bags all the way to Kenya. Dammit.

Yay! We’ve escaped a week or so of Les’ whining and/or pun-making and/or altitude sickness hallucinating!  Do we deserve a reward?  Damn straight!

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They being all of us who think that a Mary Worth strip ain’t worth a rat’s patoot unless Mary’s in the thick of it!  And here she is (or isn’t), 2000 miles away and life continuing (for a little while, at least) quite spectacularly without her!

Boy, is she gonna be pissed!

More excitement on the bridge!

(Sadly, one day of this and I’m already wondering what Wilbur and Dawn are doing…)


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Like its creator, hell if I know! Edda and Amos continue to dance with extraordinary clumsiness around a real relationship (unlike the characters in Luann, at least there is the reality of sex thrown in…peculiarly, of course), and that’s about all you really need to know.

And just because this whole thing is involving innocent people…

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…or maybe a “isn’t this a much better strip this way?”…

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…at least if you’re a loaf of bread and a pound of cold cuts!

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Sam Driver and Hollywood mogul meet Bea the Buxom Babe with a hammer, and Bubba, local pot grower!

Les and Summer Moore scale the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Nina continues to have a baby!

An Italian cruise looks a little less than typical for Dawn and Wilbur Weston!

And a simple wildlife shoot gets all too literal for Rusty Trail (as was mentioned on the Comics Curmudgeon, “Where’s a damn grizzly when you need one?!?”)

And yet, a wee bit of tedium sets in…that, or everyone took off for the weekend (the difference between Saturday and Monday strips can be minute):

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I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Bubba…

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