…it’s just that you’re a demanding nag!

Fortunately, Tommie has lived with Margo long enough to become inured to the stuff.

And, yes, the question has been asked by many, “How long, Lord? How long?”


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So what? It’s childbirth, not a disease! You’re young and healthy, Nina, with a iron constitution…you can do it!

[To be honest, the best part of mashing this was looking for a picture of a rodeo cowboy.  I Googled “bucking bronco,” and this was one of the options…I don’t think this was actually a Bucking Bronco, given the spokesperson…]

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By bats | - 9:34 am

NOW you’re feeling a little concerned about Rusty’s welfare.

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Well, Luann’s latest (imaginary) boyfriend is returning to Australia. And after three or six years of being in the States, little Miss Tease hasn’t gotten further than first base with him (maybe not even that far).  Of course, with him nearly stepping on the plane, suddenly she’s hot to trot.

Well, sweetie, I think the horse has left the barn.  Or the barn door’s been left open.  Or someone’s been ridden hard and put away wet…

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By bats | - 12:21 pm

I like to think of Rex Morgan as a guy who bumbles through life, often the unwitting straight man, and definitely the guy who graduated #81 in his medical school class of eighty.

Then again, a lot of other people think of him as a smug, arrogant S.O.B. (you know, a doctor).  And sometimes, the word balloons just prove them right.  So here we are, still wondering how his old patient Foster died.  Questions were asked, accusations made, dead bodies (well, one dead body) lying all over the place, and no sign of Dr. Andy Reed, aka, COUNT MORGU, Coroner and VAMPIRE!

Yeah, Rex, I guess you are a dick…


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By bats | July 7, 2012 - 4:18 pm
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A number of folks over at the Comics Curmudgeon have noticed the normal new child in Mark Trail.  His name is Rusty Trail, but he has red hair, and straight teeth and a decidedly non-alien appearance.  Will it last?

Sadly, I think it’s merely a phase.


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By bats | - 4:13 pm
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Can we possibly hope for an upcoming reunion of You Know Who and Li’l Miss Melon-head?

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By bats | July 6, 2012 - 10:27 am
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“Slow on the uptake” doesn’t begin to describe him, but at least he got a clue before they left Italy!

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By bats | - 4:00 am
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While I didn’t mention it a couple of posts ago, I was intrigued by the duffel bag Tommie came to Scott and Nina’s condo with.  Not only is she a musician and a midwife, but she’s serving as first-aid coordinator for the National Boy Scout Jamboree, it seems.

Ah, but I was wrong.

Amazingly, it seems that Tommie is going to take the tiger by the tail (or the fetus by the umbilical)!  Because nothing says “Self-Confidence” and “Fortitude” like “Malpractice Suit.”

There were a couple more days of dithering, but I have to admit it:  I love it when a plan comes together!

Who knew childbirth could be so exciting? Or potentially dangerous? At least we know that Nina can’t move fast!

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Yes, Luann, you and your family (with its penchant for infinite teasing if you know what I mean and I think you do)  just keep believing that.


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