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The first run-through only had three panels.  Then Josh F. himself (The Comics Curmudgeon) mentioned that “Some had better shout “Opa!” in a comically ethnic fashion by next week”…done and done!

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Just sayin’…

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There hasn’t been too much going on at Apartment 3-G since Nina had her baby.  Well, Margo might have a new associate, if she doesn’t slap the crap out of him first (then again, he’s so much like her, they may as well have been separated at birth).

But the big news is…there’s a Mystery Guest outside Margo’s office door!  Who could it be?

And join the club if you had no idea the Perfessor had been out of town.

But wait! The plot thicken!

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He does more bitching and moaning before breakfast than most people do in a month!

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Here’s a little mental workout for everyone!

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But first, I think Rex might actually need a vacation…

No, a real vacation. You don’t want your primary-care physician to be seeing clients in this state:

So let’s go shopping!

Probably best to have Rex hold down the fort, come to think of it.

And what a whirlwind of a day it has been!

(Of course I used “the face”!)

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Billy and Dolly’s fury at Jeffy for not having to return to school after Labor Day turns ugly.

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And after this one, Rusty’s going to work on his “Obvious” badge…

Yet, there are times that Rusty is Wise Beyond His Years…

And sometimes, field mice say the darnedest things!

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