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Ah, the sunny Caribbean! No doubt it’s all Too Much for Mark, who should be back in Lost Forest, chopping and stockpiling wood, insulating the cabin, shooting and dressing and storing venison and elk, all for the long, cold dark winter–awww, hell, noes!

He doesn’t even have to worry where he put his longjohns after the last Spring thaw!  This kidnapping gig is pretty sweet!

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June Morgan is just so practical.  Well, someone has to be in the family.

Practical and pragmatic AND people listen to her.  Not much good if you’ve got a lot of good advice and no one listens, right?

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Oh, heck, the unifying theme in both Rex Morgan, M.D., and Judge Parker recently haven’t been exotic locales, but racks!

Exhibit A (and B):

Exhibit C:

Still, lawyer and physician serial strips can be damned dull, and if we’re grateful a week before Thanksgiving for gifts like this, so be it!

Breaking News:  I don’t think Bea’s gonna be a soft-sell, Avery…but then again, maybe it’s just something she ate:


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That’s about all you need to know.  I haven’t been keeping track (then again, Greg Evans seems more interested in the sordid tail of TJ fingering Ann Eiffel, and some other plots that are too lame for me to remember).

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Having saved the life of an old woman on Mission Beach, and likely to be invoked as a medical demigod once he returns to Parteeheartee Arms, I doubt Rex is really going to have much of a vacation from his practice.

Still, a true student of Hippocrates gives service where service is needed…  (What are the odds that Rex pronounces this as “Hippo Crates,” something that Mark Trail or the Phantom might use?)

(And a special thanks to CC’s Dale for straightening out all that nautical jargon for me!)

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Is Mary losing her Meddle? Is Mark losing his steel-will to return to the ice and snow of a coming winter in Lost Forest, with only Cherry and Pops and Rusty for company?  What is this world coming to if that were the case?!?

Never fear, it’s Mary!

And Mark!


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I always get the answers before the unjumbling part, and then the unjumbled words just don’t make sense.

So, when life (or David and Jeff) give you lemons, trade them in for Hershey bars…

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There’s a fine line and a real talent when to keep your mouth shut…

…and when you blather on just a little too much.


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Where are we? Oh, yeah. (It’s been a while since we’ve visited the Magical Pot Forest.) Avery’s camera was stolen (the one with his photos of his mano-a-finno fight with Old Hardy, a big fish) and he’s gone off to cut a deal with Bubba, King of the Weed.  For a week or so, I think we were all on tenterhooks as to whether Avery was going to end up as chain-sawed fish food for Old Hardy, but maybe things will work out for the best…

Well, not the best for Sam, who apparently isn’t going to get a couple million for just standing around or anything.

OTOH, you never know who’ll wander into a secret cave, carved 1/4 mile into solid rock!

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Poor Dawn! Young! Vivacious! Ready to spread her wings and fly!

Meanwhile, the adults in her life just keep nattering at her.  Well, kiddo, this is what comes from living in a 55+ gated community…

Those wacky folks at The Comics Curmudgeon! They’re just filled with great ideas — and my inspiration!

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