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…it’s CC’s Sequitur’s birthday!  Happy Birthday!  Here’s a little something Mary whipped up (because the old biddy couldn’t be happy with the original cake bourbon babe, unbuckled bought for you!).

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Or maybe not…

And if one day with Toby and Dawn isn’t hell enough on earth, here’s a little more sympathy for the Devil Mary.

And if a Trifecta of Bad Taste isn’t good enough…let’s go for the Superfecta, as suggested by CC’s Rana!


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By bats | January 21, 2013 - 3:51 pm

I think the guy in question is Darin’s adoptive dad, who was once the Westview High School principal.  I think Darin was Dead Lisa’s bastard child. I think all these interconnections would still fail to make an interesting movie. Or life.


Even mixing it in with two other strips for some sort of surreal trifecta doesn’t help. (In case you haven’t been following closely (just like me!), evidently gave Margo Magee a chicken milk stinkbomb as a Christmas gift, and it just detonated in one of Apartment 3-G’s closets.)

(Yes, it is now appropriate to ask “WTF?”)

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…two comics that complement one another.  I love, even more, when a follower of The Comics Curmudgeon points this out.  Thanks, Amos Snarkadder, CQB!

And I also love finding *something* on the Intertubes that just needs to be included in a mashup:

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No, I have no idea what’s going on, but maybe these awkwardly-placed, giant creatures should be acknowledged.

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…to bring old buddies together!

And somehow, I’m getting a weird vibe of pubescent anger, amid midlife crises, self-doubt, and all-around doofiness.

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By bats | January 17, 2013 - 11:58 am

Wow, just when I thought The Phantom was going to get all dull and talky since the Spirit Lioness mystery had been solved and SL had been sent on her way, the Bad Guys continue their game!

In the words of Jay Leno, “MORE ANIMALS!

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I (seriously) wonder if anyone has contacted the folks at Cake Wrecks about the latest Mary Worth storyline:

No, really:

Well, I just did, because Cake Wrecks NEEDS to know about this debacle.


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By bats | January 15, 2013 - 1:41 am
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ANOTHER fishing story! No, I am not making this up…

No doubt, this one will be filled with stultifying boredom intrigue and the occasional hangnail danger and bone fish bass:

It looks like EVERYONE’S anticipating it!

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