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…to the beginning of this party, when June asked Rex to stay out of trouble.  I had my doubts that Rex was incapable of getting into trouble, but it seems June’s concern was justified.

And not only can the lady predict a pregancy, but also the sex of the fetus — 97% accuracy!  You can’t say those things if they’re not true, right?

And just when you think things are going to wind down without any really unfortunate  incidents, jealous Honey makes her move…

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than a thick, fresh snowfall?

With the Keane kids??!?!??

Why, yes, there could be!

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Let’s see.  A very convoluted Dick Tracy plot, while pretty exciting, has been made even more so by the guest appearance of George Takei Tawara (no kidding!), who spent part of his life in a Japanese American interment camp (also no kidding) near Tracyville during WWII (not quite the locale).  A bad guy snatches a little homeless girl and threatens her unless George Takei Tawara cooperates in some nefarious plan.

All you fans of George Tawara Takei on Facebook will not be surprised when…

And in Sunday’s Phantom, sexy Captain Savarna has lost her ship and contemplates a new career (Or, “Everything’s Better with a Kitty”):

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The current Spiderman storyline has him visiting Frisco.  Evidently his rustic nickname for The City really ticks off the locals, and in one instance, the blind superhero pushes him away.  Granted, from 20 stories up or so, Spidey can take care of himself when a push comes to a shove, but we could only hope that a few others wouldn’t be so lucky…

This could take care of a multitude of our problems…

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…and it’s apparently proceeding.  But compared to Abbey Spencer’s magnificent rack, it’s practically non-existent.  So let’s just focus on the most appealing pair of characters in Judge Parker.

Yes, Abbey and Sam.

Yeah. Right.


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(No kidding, the Luann storyline makes me very angry…)

Thanks to queek, for finding way kawaii pictures!

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Can a comic strip character really be THAT repugnant?

If you’re Luann, a selfish, self-absorbed teen, you can!  Sadly, this me-me-me brat is supposed to be the Very Special Snowflake in the strip (Ann Eiffel, Tiffany, etc. are all the she-devils from hell, you know).  Her “boyfriend” is half a world away, and suddenly she’s amazed by the fact that the Post Office or UPS or Fedex just can use their super-secret transporters to get her cards and gifts and acknowledgements of Wonderfulness to her in the blink of an eye.

As several other CCers have already noted, Luann is a prime candidate for CWAA* status…

* CWAA:  see what we mean?

But really? Would Greg Evans do this to his Very Special Snowflake? (Damn, I wish he would…)

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Sorry I haven’t posted recently (all sorts of excuses, but I’m here to bring you up to date on the Santa Royale Cake Extravaganza!).   It’s been exciting, but now the Moment O’ Truth draws near…

The judging period passes like a glacier, giving everyone massive amounts of time to speculate and reflect on the day’s events…


What more can be said than “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!“?


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Winter Fun (as much as it possible in the Funkyverse) in Westview!


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…when the cat hasn’t started bothering you for breakfast and/or your sinus medication has just worn off and/or you think you need to pee but you’re not quite sure?

That’s when I thought of this.

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