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But that ESP stuff…SPOOKY!!!

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And though it’s been said many times, many ways, “Oh, how I loathe Sarah!!”

Not Rex 490

Then again, with a good night’s sleep, everything is a little more on an even keel:

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For some reason (and I’m sure there’s a swell one), the storyline in the weekend Phantom is completely different from the Sunday Phantom.

A pity, really…

New Phantom

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The Comics Curmudgeon himself notes that Jeffy Keane’s “arms and shoulders have been replaced by a neck-pillow.”  Yes. It’s true.

The really unsettling thing is asking how did this happen?  Maybe it was a tragic congenital condition.

On the other hand…

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Romance novels — love ’em or hate ’em, both sides have their fans!  Unfortunately, they’re having dinner together.

New MW

And then someone feels the need to go all apeshit…

New MW 2

(Homer Simpson whisper:  “I don’t think they’re going to be invited back for dinner.”)

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New Phantom

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Sexxxy June! No annoying Sarah! And Rex….eh.

New Rex

I still maintain that Rex is a heterosexual male.  Just a clueless one.  Nevertheless, for those who might think otherwise…

New Rex 2

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And in other news:

Mark likes pancakes!

Mark outlines his plans for a daring rescue!

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…aside from Mary hanging up on Jeff Corey, after rudely telling him to feed his own fucking self I’m not your slave I’ve got a major meddle going on…

Oh, that Mary!

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