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Again, I think this is the first time I’ve mashed this, and with any luck, it’ll be the last.  The first three panels are virtually untouched.

New WoI

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By bats | April 19, 2013 - 12:08 pm

Wildlife writers gotta enjoy nature,
Doctors gotta fantacize, ignore their patients, golf…we’ll get back to you on that one…

New Rex

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I don’t quite understand fly-fishing.  Granted, it’s more exciting than golf, but it seems that it would be less exciting than EVERYTHING ELSE ON EARTH!

Okay, that was several year ago before I stumbled across The Comics Curmudgeon (go check that out right now!), and I have to say if it’s good enough for Hollywood moguls, rich-as-Croesus attorneys, messed-up teenagers displaced by Hurricane Katrina, physicians who do something (I guess), eternal heroes and wildlife/wilderness writers, it must be good enough for me!

Kinda noisy and crowded, though…

New MT 2

When will we see Mary Worth in hip-waders, though?  (Damn! Wilbur took his long-lost son fishing, too, didn’t he?)

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New FC

…you know you did.

And you know what happens when you laugh, at her

New FC 2


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Ghost Who Loiters just cannot leave well enough alone…

New Phantom

(an enterprise of Shady Shrew Mega-Corp.  Yes,  Shady is marketing “silk” garments again.)

And just to prove that It’s a Small World After All

New MT

And we’re going to be questioning the wisdom of this trip for some time…

New MT



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New A3G

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Okay, gingkos are pretty nifty, too.

NOt MT 348

And just because you don’t see an Asinoitherium in the comics every day…  (plus, a Mystery solved!)

New MT 5




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What a great Jumble puzzle!  We’re pretty sure that’s Watterson and Breathed (two of the Titans in recent comics history) in the foreground, judging by the cats on display.  (Did I ever mention that when my friend Kurt thumbs through his old Bloom County books, Opus has my voice?  Then again, Chuck and Jeff are Calvin and Hobbes, in that order.)

But no Snuffles?!?  Justice must be done!

New Jumble

[Yes. I love mashing Jumbles.]

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…alienatin’ politicians.  Really, Lu Ann, that’s a win-win-win situation for your charity all the way around!

New a3g

Maybe I was a wee bit premature (not the best word to use in situations such as this, perhaps) in my original assessment…

New A3G

(I have to admit, I love the sly “come hither” look on Lu Ann’s face in Panel 2.)

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New MT 2

And yet, There’s  No Place Like Home!

New MT 3

From Lost Forest! To New York City! Back to Lost Forest!  What a week so far!!

Can anything possibly top it?

New MT 3

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