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It’s been a while, since we have to deal with deadly dull but rich wheeler-dealer Milton Avery.

But perhaps for not much longer…


And just when Rex might have a chance for a breather and a six-martini lunch (he can’t let June’s three go to waste, can he), we’re off to see how wittle Sarah and her classmates are faring on their field trip:

New Rex

Eh. You weren’t using the sailboat anyway, Rex:

New REx 2

An idiot curator, or a cunning plan?

New Rex

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Elinor must be a really, really sound sleeper…

New MW 3

And that crap about sleeping eight hours each night will let you wake up full of energy? It’s…well…crap.

Not MW 582

Poor Elinor (thought you’d never here that, did you?)!  It seems that Mary isn’t the only one with Elinor very much on the mind…

New MW

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Guv, you don’t get to dictate what she wears.

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…first you  erase all the dull stuff…

New MW

…and then you put in all your good ideas.  (Folks who played along:  May I include your masterpieces here?)

New MW 2

And what, you might be asking yourself (or not), lead to these nightmares?

Not MW 579

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New FC

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As we all know, Slylock Fox is tailored for the young ‘uns: wholesome humor, puzzles and games intended to inspire and challenge young, eager minds.

Mary Worth demonstrates the wisdom of age; good, solid sensibility; and a quiet yearning for death.

Put ’em together, and guess what you’ve got…

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A stubborn, bitter old woman and a meddling, bitter old woman?

Nahhhhhhhh….  (not so much mano a mano as it is Metamucil a Metamucil…)

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…veterinarian Fleurrie is still being wooed by hunky gay brunet Seth straight blonde Sven.  It’s too much to hope that someone ends up sleeping with the fishes…

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It started out innocently enough, via a Rt. Venerable Pasdordan comment over at The Comics Curmudgeon:

Judge Parker: As far as I’m concerned, they should rename this strip “Judge Parker’s Pissy Face” and adjust the focus accordingly. It’s hilarious.

And, naturally, it went downhill from there…

New JP


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