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How to combat the dog days of summer…

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An exhausted  Spiderman jets his way to the banana republic of Costa Verde and is seated next to some little bastard name Wilmer. Only his incredible Spidey-sense alerts him to the fact that the little jerk is trying to unmask him (I remember vintage 1960s joke about a boy, a child psychologist, a box of chocolates and masturbation, but I won’t go into it here.)

New SM

And in a hot debate, does Spidey have girl lips? You be the judge!

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…some folks can be resistant to help.

Especially yours.

Particularly yours.

Overwhelming yours.

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Are all the women in the Brookiverse beautiful? Of course.

Are all of them articulate and well-educated?  Why, yes! Uh, no. Uh, I’m not su—ohshutupandleavemealone! *SOB!*

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Pax Resort 2

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…even in a really boring story line.

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You know, it’s probably a good thing that Rex doesn’t make house calls.

new Rex 521

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As the plot of Judge Parker swings back to boring stuff, there are less and less appearances by Hizzoner.  How will we live?

Not JP 141

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Okay, it’s Rex Morgan, M.D. answering a late-night emergency call from a patient’s wife.  But for us, it’s a lovely simple panel of Rex answering the phone  (aka, go nuts, kids!).

First, being true to the current storyline.  Sort of.

New Rex 2

Second, arts gratia artis.

New Rex 3

Plus, the ongoing mystery that is Rex Morgan, M.D.

New Rex

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