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…Shakespeare was fun while it lasted (as in, “not turgid,” “not insufferable,” etc.).

New Pib

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(We suggest getting your mini-Pancake Treets in the lobby before our feature begins.)

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…and Rusty sleeps on.


New MT

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It’s a middle-of-summer-dear-god-it’s-so-hot Comics Curmudgeon meme.  That’s about all you need to know because I haven’t the foggiest idea how to explain it.

New Peanuts

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The Rex Morgan story has returned to Li’l Sarah is a horsie-drawing prodigy, which involves more wandering about the museum  (no real insights there):

New Rex

And an epiphany when it comes to where the Keane Kids inherit their *gift* of ceaseless chatter:

New FC

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…but there have been so many pee, poop and fart jokes in the comics recently (well, there’s always Marvin,  but Baby Blues just did one, and that’s a comic I wouldn’t have expected, even featuring three kids), so I’m not so much immature as following the curve.  Ride the wave!

New MT

Oh, and if we have to acknowledge bodily functions, NO ONE does it better that Paul Trap’s Thatababy:


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…and Brooke MacEldowney can be forgiven a lot of things because of his cats.

…and the tiny gato reminds me of Bete Noire in the old Gordo comics.

Not Scoopy 23


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Of course, Mary leads the pack in ugly…

Not MW 611

…oh, yes, she does.  But never underestimate an unattractively-drawn character with an unattractive name:

NOt MW 612


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This is a combination of two panels. Two complex panels, with backgrounds and everything (read, a couple of tee times must’ve been rained out).

Still, perseverance pays off.  And a little stubbornness, too.

Not Keane 267

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Rex Morgan + Nudity (not even skimpy clothes!) = WIN!

New REx

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