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stupid, pointless tricks.

Can I stop reading Funky Winkerbean now?

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With the young Widder June on the road to emotional recovery, Mary can at last enjoy herself at the Pax Wellness Resort and not stew over having to spend nearly a whole afternoon hand-holding and meddling…wait! She freakin’ LIVES for that stuff!

Even so, a little recreation is always a good thing…

NOt MW 603

The days pass…

Not MW 605

and pass…

NOt MW 604

Tomorrow!: The Prunation of Mary Worth Continues!

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(Well, it was my birthday yesterday.)  I got lots and lots of wonderful birthday wishes.

And I even got some Very Wonderful mashups! Can you believe it?  From Nehemiah Scudder and our favorite green-skinned Mad Scientist:

Love is Happy Bday

And a really scary one (Count Weirdly’s a piker when it comes to nigh-on horror): Amos Snarkadder risked many pixelated paper cuts to produce this beauty!

When I was little, some of the banks downtown had lovely mural inside their lobbies, filled with scenes of Arizona history and vignettes of the desert landscape.  Maybe it was the era (early 60s), but I think this montage, “Ad astra per aspera” (To dessert through adversity. is a rough translation) would’ve been a natural there, up on the tall walls amongst the  spooky-looking kachinas…

Mary Worth Happy Bday to bats

THANK YOU, EVERYONE! I’ve got crazy fabulous friends!

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At least more excitement than the Judge Parker clan winning even more bucket of money…Hizzoner has downloaded a screenplay-writing program!  Let the Muse descend!

NOt JP 143

Of course, this might take a little more time than he’s used to…he’s important, you know!  And important people can be dangerous…

NOt JP 144

No, I mean REALLY dangerous:


HATS OFF to CC’s The Right Ven. Pasdordan for animating this, too…Hanna and Barbara are on the phone, sir! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!? So Cool!

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Why not!  This potentially fun story (well, it is if you live in Tucson and can imagine Mary ruining a lot of people’s vacations here at our uber-expensive healthy resorts) has turned into one huge platitude swap.  Meh.  Yep, and I’m still going to be really pissed off if this let’s-cure-June crisis is the only “adventure” in this story line (particularly if you consider that this is Mary’s FIRST DAY AT THE RESORT):

New MW

Of course, Mary may not make it home to Charterstone…

UPDATE:  Mary most likely will make it back to Charterstone.  June, from wherever she’s from? I’m not so sure…

Not MW 601

And in spite of how lame this part of Mary’s vacation has been, I really want another story here in Tucson before she leaves.  Kind of a Science Fiction Double Feature…

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…that Lu Ann is an Artist. Or maybe an Artiste.  She’s not a psychologist. Or a counselor. Or competent.

She does have the sense to ske-daddle while the ske-daddling’s good, though.

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