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New FC

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…and go directly to New Year’s Eve over-exuberant celebrations! (“Doris?  Doris??“)

New Rex

And thanks to June, the festivities may be a little more “festive” this year.

New Rex 2

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Not MW 651

…and even more monkeyshitsshines!

Not MW 652

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These squidlike ambassadors from Phlegmovox 9 are so touchy!

(And they’re about as funny as a Funky Winkerbean comic strip!)

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New Love is

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New MT 3

Oh, no, you miserable old fart — Cherry isn’t done with you yet!

New MT4

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Remember the Judge Parker storyline where Judge Alan runs into his first novel’s ruthless critic on a cruise ship?

No, neither do I.  To be fair, the last time I dealt with the Parkerverse, it was 22 October, so who can blame any of us who have real lives?

Anyway, Alan had just revealed himself to the critic, and in a frighteningly swift turn of events, everything seems to be resolved in just three strips!  I am not making this up.  I can only hope something new comes down the turnpike — Judge Pissyface, we hardly knew ye.

New JP


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…not that several folks involved mind.

New MT

Bad guy gives them the ol’ song-and-dance, about Mark being the real bad guy…AND CHERRY BUSTS HIM IN THE CHOPS!  I am not making this up!  Of course, I won’t show you the original strip (check it out 12/12/13), but I will mash it!

Big thanks to CC’s Droopy for a GREAT idea!

NEW mt 2

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New mW

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