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…of course, if the populace is a bunch of dunces, what are the alternatives?

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But wait! There’s more!

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Oh.  Well, may “Whimsy” is Mark’s middle name.  At any rate, how can I pass up that great illustration of Sleepy Mark?

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And when you run out of daily panels, just improvise!

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Was Cherry’s maiden name Litella?

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…but it’s the little details that really count.

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So it seems an Earnest Journalist wants to meet the mysterious Bandar.  Hint, Blondie: when 100% of the populace polled say “stay away!”, this might bear some deep consideration.

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Mary’s survived the mugging and is being squired around NYC by Broadway actor Ken Kensington…how exciting!  But a simple stroll can be ever so much MORE exciting…

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And Heathcliff is quickly becoming the patron saint (or at least patron cat) of Surrealism.  With a little help from Dunlap’s Ol’ Non-Stick Maple Syrup (“It’s Slippericious!“)

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