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No matter what kind of predicament you might be in, always find time to Enjoy Nature!

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After all, would Mark steer you wrong?

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(Oh, and if you thought that Mark was a touchy-feelie, tree-hugging wuss…he KNOWS  it’s the survival of the fittest! Namby-pambies need not apply!):



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…in a subcompact.  Quill, not so much.

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Of course, I missed a bit along the way.  Cut-‘n’-paste it in, if you’re so inclined…

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…many who are housebound because of completely hellish weather conditions across more than half of the country,  I remain at home, subsisting on out-of-date eggnog, sketchy turkey leftovers, and Christmas cookies.  Lots of Christmas cookies.  And whiskey balls…

Things are getting a bit muddled, particularly if you’re name is Jeff.

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But you know what would make me really happy?

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…but nothing beats a nosh.  Maybe a madeleine, like ol’ Proust used to make!

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And the revelations continue!

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Not Luann 74

…even if he were the last man on Earth.

Speaking of the last man on Earth, the eternal cock-tease, and are teen-agers really like that? Really? REALLY?  The love story that is the lamest this since this side of 9 Chickweed Lane goes on (OTOH, the characters in both strips are fairly universally uninteresting…once boinked, who cares?):

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Fun, Gunther-style at the New Year’s Eve Dance means leaving at 12:30 AM. Woo…

Dump the loser, Rosa! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…

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Keep running, Rosa!  KEEP RUNNING!!!

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And be lucky you don’t live in NYC.  Or at least this apartment complex!

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Thanks to everyone who drops by and read my blog!  I hope that I can make you laugh on occasion!


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