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…another item scratched off my Bucket List (I’ve got a Bucket List?!??). Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, and Mammalogy field trips to the Petrified Forest, and… ONYCHOMYS!!!

Okay, here’s the whole Sunday strip, featuring that voracious little carnivore, the grasshopper mouse!

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…what seems to be three weeks at the Santa Royale airport waiting for his flight to depart, and during that whole time, Dawn never once gives up hope for Hugo staying in the U.S. You gotta admit, Dawn has spunk (or the worst case of desperation EVER!).

Still, flight is announced, and Hugo and Dawn go their separate ways. She’s beyond distraught/crushed/heartbroken. He’s…well…

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Hugo is returning to France and Dumb-as-a-Doorknob Dawn just doesn’t understand. This is the last Mary Worth strip from this story-arc. I mean it.

If you want more, just read it daily (the same strip) for the next two weeks. Or skip it. Honestly, you’ll thank me.

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Or, this is what happen when Big Daddy Bil is too cheap to spring for cable for the kiddies!

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Posted in Category: Markin' the Trail least until Mark’s editor from Wilderness & Wildlife, or Woozy & Weird, or Whatever the Hell It Is, Bill, calls him. Can it be that there’s a hot new assignment for Mark, when he’s been home for only a few days? What’ll Cherry do without him? And what about Rusty? AND WHAT ABOUT THE MAMA COUGAR???

Heck, maybe Mark might give this assignment a pass!

Hmmm. Looks like Mark’s gonna have a lot of convincing…

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Mark can hardly catch a break…Cherry really rubs it in, that remedial Rusty does very well reading snarky comments about the comic strips, up to and including Mark’s own strips! How’s that for respect?!??

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