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…and there have been no Public Service Announcements forthcoming. Looking back some of them, I realize that they were a hell of a lot of work! (and many of my sources, like For Better or For Worse (shudder), Rex Morgan, MD., Apt. 3-C, etc., have either stopped printing or just have substandard art these days).
Still, we muddle on, knowing that Mark Trail is our go-to guy for Good Behavior!

And sort-of-a PSA. In the land of overplenty, a number of U.S. clothing stores are rolling out (ahem) mannequins more suited for larger sizes. Someone mentioned a “Daddequin”…I didn’t, I just make fun of it.

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Maybe Estelle is scripted to play a lonely old cat lady (aren’t all of the characters in Mary Worth caricatures?), but I like the evening is winding down….

And if people who wrote the funnies were truly diabolical and talented, maybe Estelle wouldn’t have left Wilbutt not quite so peacefully sodden:

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Wasn’t it more than a little good fortune that Mark’s last adventure sent him to the U.S./Mexico border?

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No matter where, you know it’s got to be interesting!

Like I said, it’s always interesting. I bet Mark could find a crocodile in somebody’s swimming pool!

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And Linda can still supply a surprise or two for Les. Maybe it’ll keep him up at night.

So many discoveries!

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…that Estella has the resolve to dump the chump. She might be a throw-away character who gets saddled with losers (Wilbutt isn’t the first), but I think she’s a good soul, and even good souls should have their limits.

And since Wilbutt sleeps like the veritable dead, Estelle has a whole lot of free time for herself:

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…it really isn’t a nice dinner out! It doesn’t matter who pays for it.

And a single panel pretty much sums up the entire evening, possibly the entire weeks of Estelle’s sad relationship with Wilbutt:

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…it would be more entertaining than what Big Daddy and Thel have to endure.

Not that Mommy really gets off easy…

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By bats | November 8, 2019 - 9:27 pm
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It continues…

It always nice to have a little interlude (read, I like to screw things up!):

And then, back to the action!

(Editor’s note: (we got an editor?!??) the panel with Wilbutt wallowing in his own dinner, or possibly filth, was a Major Hit with the Reders of the CC!)

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But in my defense…

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