By bats | November 6, 2020 - 11:20 am
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…out of a medical school class of 82, but Rex has some mad self-preservation skillz!

It looks like Rex is getting back to work, virtually for the moment. Which means the doctor’s uniform is up for debate…

Huzzah! Rest returns to the Land of the Living! And then to his family!

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By bats | November 5, 2020 - 10:48 am

Bernice is having Boy problems (this is only made funnier because she apparently has a crush on her biological brother…ho ho!) Best to confide in a meathead, right?

Or follow Ma DeGroot’s suggestion and read some soft-core porn for middle Americans…

Not that soft-core porn for middle Americans pays much attention to grammar or editing…

Do it, Bernice…DO EET!!! I’ll give you a bright, shiny quarter…

Just because I want SOMEONE to tell Luann to STFU.

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By bats | - 10:42 am
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I don’t think I ever snarked on Kelly Welly, but she certainly is a likely candidate. NuMark is troubled about a possible upcoming assignment, and like a cheap floozy, guess who shows up! (Then again, NuMark has no problem dealing with an old acquaintance.)

Many readers like the NuMark strip, and how he has “evolved.” I think he’s little better than ClassicMark (at least in my mind).


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Grandma isn’t the only one with a little problem. Then again, PJ won’t (or can’t) tell…

I rest my case.

Then again, nothing’s quite as fun as Jeffy.

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By bats | November 3, 2020 - 11:31 am
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So Brandy kicks Tommy to the curb. You know, I never liked Tommy, but I think he’s light years ahead of this chick in getting a little sympathy…

A note! How positively high school!

And as the plot lurches to a stop, with a week of Tommy begging and Brand snubbing, snarkers take thing into their own paws!

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