By bats | August 3, 2008 - 6:01 pm
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I’ve been steering clear of the Foobiverse. I don’t like the usual crap and freaking out that is associated with weddings (at least not-real weddings, when everything plays out like a Keystone Kop comedy). FBOFW is no better, and it’s made even worse now with the Creatrix, retconning Asshathony’s sad, sad life (in an effort to make him more lovable to the readership) and finally showing some affection between him and Elizabeth.

Too little, too late.

Oh, and too nauseating, too.

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By bats | August 1, 2008 - 3:37 pm
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What’s been happening in Mary Worth, you might be thinking? If you’re lucky, you’re not thinking that at all.

Mary and Jeff made up, but rather than make-up sex or even a kiss, they platituded each other to near death at the Bum Boat (hey, I even made Runner-Up on CC’s Comment of the Week because of it! Yay!).

Now she’s platituding it up with Toby over lunch, or something that’s supposed to represent lunch. I’d usually let the slinging of bon mots (or more likely, mediocre mots) slide, particularly when Mary’s involved, but to invoke Shakespeare for such lame lunch chat is inexcusable. If you want to do that, Mary, go whole hog — and take your meddling padawan Toby with you!

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