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I didn’t post this before we left for Las Vegas earlier in the week.  It doesn’t matter. The current story-line is still boring as heck, so here’s my intent of nipping it in the bud so that a thrilling new one can begin. Uh-huh.


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Yes, Mark Trail, Santa’s little helper!  And here he is to talk about pets at this most festive time of year!


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I have better things to do with my life (no! really!) than to play into Lynne Johnstone’s ego — she was a hack in the latter days of FOOB, and how she’s bamboozled herself into getting newspapers to run her reruns without being dead like her mentor Sparky is astonishing.

However, when she stands imperiously in front of her children, chiding them for looking for Christmas presents, one must take notice.  Particularly when The Comics Curmudgeon himself, Josh, refers to her/it/whatever as MENACING PELVIS.

Much hilarity ensues, along with haiku, song mashups, whether or not Elly’s head has been drawn on backwards and speculations as to her personal hygiene.  I’ll go along for the ride, since Dennis has made it so easy:


And since my buddy AeroSquid’s “Garfield Minus Garfield” mash-up from a few months ago suddenly makes sense (albeit this one is hardly menacing, being all dressed up for the holidays):


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and pinned under a station wagon.

No, I’m not (necessarily) making fun of poor Rusty, only that his current predicament has him being rather a captive audience for japes made at his expense.

A number of folks over at The Comics Curmudgeon have speculated that Rusty’s been exposed to so much peril in his short life that there might be a whole bunch of Rustys waiting in the wings (or, as was so well put in the old TV series Dinosaurs, “Looks like we’re going to need another Timmy.”).  That might be the case, since what kind of “Doc” is Cherry’s dad, anyway?


And then there’s the dilemma of the Jumble puzzle not making into several publications on 10 December.  Not to worry, though:


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Squatters! A bimbo squatter, no less!

Rex wants to take the safe and legal way out.  While it might be a good moral lesson for Sarah, I think he’s been outvoted:


Oh, wait wait wait.  It isn’t a burglar or a squatter after all (sigh):


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Aside from some too-clothed breasts, not much has been going on in Judge Parker (that’s not necessarily true — Sam and Co. are trying to figure out who killed the swindler Madoff D’Vito, and it’s a lot of talk talk talk).

Still, the investigation appears to be going pretty well,  given Sam’s look:


On the other hand, it COULD be something else entirely (nudge nudge wink wink):


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“It was his only defense!”

I see strange seasonal similarities between the current Mark Trail storyline and a favorite of mine:


[Oh, yeah — “You’ll shoot your eye out.”]

Time passes…


I guess that Red Ryder Double-Action BB gun is lookin’ purdy darned good right about now.

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And he showed up exactly on Saint Nicholas Day, with Rex Morgan! Yay!


PLUS! It takes a Big Man to make a Big Confession:


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Honestly, for as much as I snark on Rusty and Sassy (and Mark, too), I don’t want bad things happening to them.

Fortunately, folks like CC’s Mardou Fox make suggestions, which I blithely run with–peril be damned! (Sorry, Rusty…)


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A new story on the Rex Morgan horizon?  Becka seems almost reconciled with Peter, and Tim’s going to yank his mom out of Green Pastures Rest Home because she’s happy there and has a nice elderly “boyfriend” who is happy with her company, too (Tim is such a freakin’ tool).

Tim sports a very unhappy look when it appears Becka and Peter will be going home together, because, you know, that’s what married people do, and his ploy for wooing and winning her seems to have failed.

I like to think that it’s a sour reaction for a completely different reason:


While Tim gets his cartoonial pink-slip, it’s All’s Well That Ends Well for Becka and Peter. (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let this mean Rex is coming home!)


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