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I have better things to do with my life (no! really!) than to play into Lynne Johnstone’s ego — she was a hack in the latter days of FOOB, and how she’s bamboozled herself into getting newspapers to run her reruns without being dead like her mentor Sparky is astonishing.

However, when she stands imperiously in front of her children, chiding them for looking for Christmas presents, one must take notice.  Particularly when The Comics Curmudgeon himself, Josh, refers to her/it/whatever as MENACING PELVIS.

Much hilarity ensues, along with haiku, song mashups, whether or not Elly’s head has been drawn on backwards and speculations as to her personal hygiene.  I’ll go along for the ride, since Dennis has made it so easy:


And since my buddy AeroSquid’s “Garfield Minus Garfield” mash-up from a few months ago suddenly makes sense (albeit this one is hardly menacing, being all dressed up for the holidays):


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