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I mean really really really like.  I love its artistry and linework.  But unless it’s featuring Solange, Seth and/or Mark, it tends to slog down into interminable storylines. (This is also the case for Pibgorn.)

Of the current story (“Gramma Burber is a WWII Flying Ace Secret Agent”), there was a beautiful panel on 3 April 2010, of an Austrian POW, as he watches Edie (aka, the Portrait of a Gramma as a Young Woman) walk away and realizes he’ll never see her again. Very elegant and gut-wrenching.

They do meet, years later.  (And I helped!)


And on…


And on…  (In the words of TV’s Craig Ferguson, “Don’t you judge me!”  It’s not like there hasn’t been a NAKED GUY in Pibgorn for the past two four days!)


And on (note that this is not a mere a hand slipping southward, but a 180-Degree Full Scrotal Rotation, which may or may not be an ice skating element)…


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I can’t really explain, only there’s a long history of June Morgan, “garage-cleaning,” and just about any filthy euphemism you might come up with.

That other comics stumble into the world of “garage-cleaning” is an unfortunate coincidence:


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Please check out the People Who Make the Funnies Funnier (it’s over there, to the right…no, your other right).  Josh, the Comics Curmudgeon, is the Pope of Snark (and is in a lot less trouble right now than that other guy with the big hat), Dean Booth is the grand-daddy and grand-master of all things mashed up, but you must check out my newest addition: the Tokyo Sun Ha! Ha! Funny Pages, .  You have to see it to believe it — breathtakingly funny! (With a strip like “Nature Punchman GO!“, how can you go wrong?)

Funny, funny people…

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Remember Abbey Spencer’s run-in with the nice old couple the next ranch over, who raised nice chickens?

Well, Mark doesn’t appear to remember that either, as he invites Ms. Spencer on a natural high nature hike.  (Who says that plants aren’t as interesting as animals or natural disasters?)


And Mark seems a little woozy and more uninhibited than usual after the field trip (then again, just being in the physical presence of Abbey might have something to do with it):


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News Flash! Ron All Men John is still a jerk!


Stay tuned for “I Am Such a Martyr!”

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…the Drama Queens were never this bad.

I’m not fond of Luann. Yes, teens might think that the universe revolves around them, but unlike most toddlers, they do know otherwise (they just like to think that the world revolves around them).  I see no real difference between Luann and her nemesis, the girl you’re supposed to hate, Tiffany, other than Luann gets a lot more panel-time and because she’s all swell, or something.

Anyway, it’s the end of the spring musical. Yay.


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The first panel of the 7 April Mary Worth was so freakin’ horrifying evocative of those intense, stalwart individuals portrayed in old Soviet propaganda posters that both CC’s Vosh and Calico commented on it.  Who am I to say otherwise?


For the record, The title of the poster comes from Vosh:  Help Destroy the Kulaks and Wreckers! Mary’s words were inspired by Calico’s words: “Through the efforts of the glorious Soviet worker, we will secure the five-year plan, Toby!”

This was all run through Babelfish, so the title might be a call for eating more potatoes, and Mary might be spouting gibberish.  And “Toby,” the last word in Mary’s dire pronouncement, comes from typing “Toby directly into PhotoShop’s Cyrillic text.  (Don’t give me any grief that it doesn’t spell Toby or that it spells something else.  It gave me fits as how to include Cyrillic script and get something more intelligible — relatively speaking — than ??? ?????? ??? ????.  Yet I persevered, since I’m well aware that in the Soviet Union, mashups mash you!)

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Uh, and Mary, why don’t you hand over those pruners — handles first — please?


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When life (or Jack Elrod) gives you Mark Trail running…


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But Rex does eventually catch on.

I think.


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