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Oh, yeah, it’s Rex and June Morgan.  You know, there’s a comic strip named after Rex.  But these days, I think it’s less about doctorin’ and more about financial wheelin’ an’ dealing’.   Dork that he may be, I do miss Rex.

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This is some of my early PhotoShop efforts.   It started out when I realized that Clint Eastwood wasn’t the only fellow on the planet that had that steely cold stare — folks might’ve missed it, since Mr. Eastwood also had that hat and cigarillo, too.

So, the High Plains Drifter

became the High Savanna Drifter:

And although I mostly just go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW at queek’s wonderful cute animals (queek is the source of Cuteness, to say nothing of being the Kawaii Commando), sometimes another icy gaze peers out from all that sweetness and light.

High Plains Weezo:

[Shut up.  I know it’s an otter.  They’re related, you know.  And “Ottertude” just sounded silly.]

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…I don’t know if I ever posted this mashup here.  But, since the Tucson Susan G. Komen Walk/Run is this weekend, it’s as timely as ever.

Note: I’m mentioning this mashup again because Mr. Eduardo Barreto,  who many modern readers know as the pencil behind the lovely ladies and square-jawed men of Judge Parker passed away yesterday (15 december 2011).  Amazing work and very good memories.  Godspeed, Eduardo.

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…Lost Forest?  Seabreeze Fishin’ Camp?  The Big City?  Oh, heck, who cares?

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With the new creative team working on Dick Tracy, interesting, vintage characters are being called into service! Plots have more than a hint of logic and excitement! Artistry has improved immensely (even if some guys look like walking scrotums)!

And then there’s 9 Chickweed Lane, where the characters are…

and the plots are…

and the logic is…

and the artwork is nice!

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…where a BIG chunk of Dexter’s lottery winnings are going to go!

[At least this isn’t Waffle House graveyard shift night…]

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Personally, I’d give Moy and Giella a bright, shiny quarters (even TWO bright, shiny quarters) to see the return of Charley Smith.  As that’s unlikely, it’s good to see pimpin’ Drew back in the States.

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Mark Trail makes a desperate attempt to escape from La Isla de Druggie by flying a plane! Noble, yes, but it might help if his knowledge of aerodynamics included more than yelling at the single-prop…

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