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The funny thing is, I really haven’t been “moved” to mash the Foobiverse recently. I just knew that the Creatrix wasn’t going to do anything to subvert the dominant paradigm of How Weddings Should Run (okay, Grandpa Chinnuts had a heart attack, and then *poof* no more mention of him), so snarking a plain old vanilla wedding is boring.

Many of the comments that April makes are observations that folks at the Comics Curmudgeon noted over the past day or so; maybe this is more like a “scrapbook” or “memory box” (awwwwwwwwww….) for the wonderful, wonderful event…

All right, a few cheap shots. Heh.

And then…

Damn, did LJ chap my hide! I’m not a real “family” kind of person, but the Pattersons have been touted as the touchy-feely-squishy-cuddly clan since God (and LJ) were pups — there’s always family to fall back on, and Woe Unto You should you run up against the Elders of the tribe! (well, as long at the Main Elder has a potato for a nose and the Goodyear blimp for an ass)!

Liz finally discovers that Grandpa and Iris are missing. Elly’s feeble explanation is supposed to mollify her, I suppose (The first three panels are verbatim from the strip.) In the last panel, Liz’s response to “Do you have to go NOW?” (how farkin’ whiny is that?) was a simple “I do.”

Okay, Liz shows some class. And maybe this would’ve been more appropriate for April, but hey, I’m sure there’s enough pent-up resentment toward Elly for all.

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