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…I’ve been absent for two entire years. The reasons do include the fact that
our pathetic excuse for a local newspaper includes no serial strips (my favorite);
I have no idea of what’s going on in any of the serial strips (aside from the realities that Mary Worth continues to meddle, Rex Morgan continues to be a medical boob, and on);
the updated version of Photoshop is a bear to use (old dog…new tricks…poop on a learning curve, sez I);
a number of artists have changed (RMMD, Juggs Parker, etc.), and their new interpretations are kinda bland;
Luann, 9CW, Pibgorn, etc. still live (on par with Donald Trump running for president;
and fill in your own explanation/excuse.

I doubt I’ll ever be as prolific as I once was, but I’ll try to post from time to time, and I hope that it give yous a chuckle when I do.

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