By bats | November 4, 2019 - 2:21 pm
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A number of readers are finding fault with Estelle, who lost $10K to an internet scam artist and will likely fall for Wilbur as well. I hardly know Estelle, but someone who adopts a one-eyed stray kitty is okay in my book. I’d rather see drunk, loud-mouthed, self-pitying Wilbur Weston as an endangered species.

Sooooo….while waiting for something to happen (Wilbutt still has to be drunk, right), I spent a little time doodling and borrowing some props from a Blondie strip:

AND THEN…it happened!!!! Sweet, glorious fed uppityness! I hate to think Estelle will regret her actions, but for now, I will just revel in them!

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