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My personal opinion is that neither Mark nor “Ha-Haw” Camel ever outgrew the “girls are icky!” phase of development. OTOH, nothing that Mark nor Camel has done or said suggests that they’re sniping at one another.

These two can continue dissing, Genie, but an abandoned way-station is suddely a lot more interesting…

And, personally, I like David Hurst’s (on FB’s Readers of the Comic Curmudgeon) take on the exploitation of indigenous people:

Someone also wondered if a Mark Trail / Mary Worth crossover was a sign of the Apocalypse.

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

But I digress from the dangerous danger — the perilous peril — the TERRIBLE TERROR that Mark and the hiking group find themselves in! At least the selfless Mingna might be able to help!

Thank you, noble third-world person!

Unfortunately, many third-world persons appear to look like every other third-world person…

And so much for the thrills and chills of escaping the Jaws of Death ™:

I’m pretty impressed that Mark filled up a panel nearly 50% with dialogue! Well, it had to be said.

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