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Mooncattie is an old-timer at Comics Curmudgeon (which means he was there before I was) and has got to be one of the nicest, happiest fellows I’ve ever met (and yes, considering the great, big world, we did meet at the Tucson Mudgeon Meetup in March 2008 — wooo, what fun that was!).  Photos of him at other meetups (and reports from other Mudges) confirm that this is Just the Way He Is.

I think he’s the type of person you just want to have at your party, bar mitzvah, class reunion, etc.  The Spectacular Spider-Brick says it awfully well (as he does most things):

I swear I’ve seen Mooncattie (on the left in the meetup picture) before. I think he came to the Madison ‘Mudgeon Meetup last year, under a different name. In fact, I’m starting to suspect that Mooncattie is CC’s very own Forrest Gump, showing up in the background every time anything of note happens. Where were you, “Mooncattie,” if in fact that is your real nickname, when Aldo Kelrast died? Or when Toby Cameron’s identity was stolen… by a Canadian, I might add? Or should we call you… HaXX0r Yuri?! AHA! Jacque Hughes!

Which of course only makes me toddle over the the Photo Shoppe…

Still not convinced?

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