By bats | February 8, 2020 - 2:04 pm
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Rex’s new patient, an old stove-up rassler. Unfortunately the coot is passing himself off as nobility. This won’t sit well with some folks, I’m afraid.

This is coincidences week here in Morganville. Craziness upon craziness!

So it looks like Rex and June are going to try and patch things up with the old lovebirds Tildy and “Count Crushinski.” I did this one, only to get a few comments on why June looked so weird. Here’s a number of choices:
1. I had other things to do.
2. I lost interest when I tried mashing up the panel.
3. The current plot is close to Beyond Boring.
4. The new artist (and likely, the writer, too)…ditto on the boring.

Rex Morgan used to be just about my favorite strip to parody…I think those days are long gone.

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