By bats | September 20, 2008 - 9:44 pm
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Nothing says “hospice regatta” like a bar-fight between the two most competitive yachtsmen on the eve of the Big Race!  Only KT from CC land dubbed it “Pruuuuuuuunefiiiiiiiiiiiight!”, and I damn near swallowed my tongue.  Golden, KT!

And of course, while I’m sure Lenore and Tweaks could’ve worked all of this out, the Yacht Club staff are understandably shaken by the potential of fractured hips.  (Me? I’m mystified at the thought that there’s a second string of color-monkeys for the Sunday strips vs. the weekday ones….compare and contrast.)

Finally, Rex and Lenore can get back to a quiet conversation that lasts all of 30 seconds before Rex wedges his foot into his mouth again.

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