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…which is to say “not very much.”

It’s hard to decide…does Dawn want to spill her guts or gloat to Mary? Maybe she’s just looking for a free hand-out.

And has all this soul-searching and clarity-seeking caused Dawn to grow up, even a teensy bit?

“Who’s sick of Mary?”

Dammitall! Dawn just can’t keep from telling anything that’ll listen how wondeful Jared is. Fortunately, only Mary appears cornered at the moment.

The Weston I.Q. just keeps spiraling down, down, downward…

We DESERVE a pool-party, after all this miserable excuse for young (yeah, right) love!! While I was on hiatus, something thrilling supposedly happened!
(A) Mary dives in to save li’l Jeffy Keane!
(B) Mary cives in to save the octopus and/or calamari from weak-bladdered Jeffy Keane!
(C) Who dares? Maybe she’ll drown!

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