By bats | September 29, 2008 - 7:11 pm

…I was shocked! to discover that after a week of beating around the bush (or the corpse), that Alan, the resident drug addict in Apartment 3-G, really had been shot by a fellow drug addict.  Silly me, I thought there might be some weird, intriguing twist, and that Alan was still alive — and then I remembered that this was Apartment 3-G.

Well, so shocked was I with the discovery at the morgue that I completely missed the fact that Dr. Andy Reed (aka, Count Morgu) himself was doing the autopsy!  Thanks to CC’s Mooncattie for pointing this out.  I will endeavor to be more astute in the future.

Oh, I wrote a song, too.  Okay, they’re just lyrics.  And I swiped the music from Oklahoma.

Pore Alan’s dead
Our fav’rite junkie’s dead
All gather round the cold slab now and cry
He’s been pumped full of lead
It’s no wonder that he’s dead
He doesn’t have to worry ’bout getting high.

Pore Alan’s dead
Pore junkie-boy’s dead
He’s lookin’ oh so holey and inert (and inert)
We’ve got to find a plan
We can spring upon LuAnn
So she’ll know he’s just a little more than dirt.

Pore Alan’s dead
The bullet missed his head
He’s lookin’ not so tidy, but still nice
He won’t paint anymore
Not that he did much of that before
But what we’ve got should sky-rocket in price.

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