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There’s going to be a sensational movie made! About one of Mark’s sensational nature adventures! Featuring one of Hollywood’s sensational stars! Anything’s gotta be better than the Funky Winkerbean drek…

Wanna talk about weird? James Allen, who we all knew was going to leave Mark Trail (which involved a long, rather ugly back-story) has apparently left in late July, in the midst of the making of a the sensational movie of Mark’s life (and the star of the film desperately needs a drink, too!)! It’s like leaving that goofball cryptozoologist on the top of Mount Everest…HAW HAW!
So now what? Apparently the Syndicate(tm) is running an old Jack Elrod-era story! As if the previous two months had never happened! As if Rusty wasn’t outgrowing his strange, misshapen form!
Some people may just sit by…but not this someone! Is it a real repeated story…or something more sinister? Have you found yourself wondering what has happened to Dawn Weston and her two paramours? I’ve wondered (even if I couldn’t remember what Pepe le Pew’s actual name was). I think the mystery unfolds in Lost Forest…

So, Andy finds the abandoned little cat and takes her home. Cherry and Mark welcome “Tabby” into their Lost Forest home. I like this.

Of course, some dumb animals just don’t want to be friends. Or lunch.

There is a startling resemblance…

And sometimes, it’s nice to just sit around and reminisce…

Wild dogs loose in Lost Forest!!! And still, Tabby has a hankerin’ to ge exploring. (What? You thought Johnny Malotte was the only Frenchman in Lost Forest??? Au contraire!)

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