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…only that a friend of Luann’s (not Bernice or the few others) is run over by the friend’s criminal cousin after having burglarized The Fuse (the restaurant owned by Luann’s folks).
See? I told you it was stupid.

What will happen next. Or should I say, “Do any of us really care?” (Nice to know that Ann Eiffel has a job with Emergency Repsponse Services, though.)

And once again, no one ever dies in the Realm of Luann…they only wish that they did.

Whew! everyone’s safe and/or the cartoonist has lost interest. Instead, let’s have some young adult hijinks about wasting your time and money at college and having FUN instead, because you’re girlfriend wants you to, and you’re too much of a spineless creep to say otherwise!

Let’s drop all these half-baked teen dramas that go nowhere, and instead fixate on real, adult stories that continue to a real, logical conclusion…
Oh, come on! These two gits engendered the twerp Luann!

Late-night work hours can have advantages…

Of course, this racy routine quickly fades; it is Luann, after all.
Hold everything! the races continues!

New story (since the cartoonist apparently lost interest along the way)!


In the real strip and in the snark, both end up happily IMHO…

YOW!!!! This is going on for a SECOND WEEK?!?? Pardon me while I clutch my pearls!

(For those giving a rat’s ass, this “story,” such as it is, is going on Week 3!!!

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