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Although all of the ‘action’ involving the Turkey Shoot Regatta is long past (and more time seems to have been spent patching up Ollie Tweaks), the story lingers, more so than usual.  Why is this?

My theory is that because Lenore Foster is a REAL PERSON (no kidding! really!) and a friend of Woody, the Rex Morgan artist, there’s some amount of twitting going on between the two of them.  It’s also my understanding that some original RMMD art is/was going to be auctioned for the Hospice coffers as well, and I have to admit that there’s been a bountiful beau-coup buttload of great faces and facial expressions in this story arc.

Here are some of the wonderful panels and expressions.  Sure, we snorked and laughed about some of them (and some of the dialog has been changed — the patootie panel is its very own self!), but this is top-of-the-line cartooning:

A lot of them are more that a little suitable for framing, and I’d kill for (or, well, I’d love to have) a piece of genuine RMMD art. In the meantime, here I am screwing around with a great portrait of Rex:

(Boy, this was a pain in the patootie to do! I think Warhol had it right with a silk screen, soap-and-water, and changing the colors that way.)

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