By bats | November 15, 2021 - 12:59 pm

Turn gay! Turn polygamist! Turn Hare Krisha! Just don’t take Wilbutt back!

Several readers hope that Dr. Ed makes a n appearance, further making Wilbutt wish he were dead. Well, you can always hope… (and thanks to 9CL, which finally has a use for its male anatomy, if nothing else):

Well, it seems that Estelle (or “Stell,” so she doesn’t have to remember both syllables in her name, is going to take the bastard back:

And today’s strip didn’t even merit a whole snark, just a panel (thanks to the curmudgeon who suggested the escape route):

Things aren’t so bad for Libby after all, after some folks fearing the worst for her (and Moy’s lack of clarity with the human…or English, language). Who the hell cares about Stell and Wilbutt anyway?

Mabe a workable solution can be…ah…worked out.

Or maybe the critters can work things out for themselves, and to hell with the humans…

Nah, I guess people need to be involved. At least one of them.

Believe it or don’r…Wilbutt sees the light!!!

And into every life (or Wilbutt’s life 24/7) a little rain must fall:

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