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The Sunday editions of Mark Trail are given to nature studies of animals, plants and conservation issues.  Fun (and educational!) stuff indeed, but perhaps the real reason for it is that when Mark charges up the Right Fist o’ Justice, the possibility of our being overwhelmed by his sheer might and righteousness could be overwhelming to those with delicate constitutions.

In Mark’s latest adventures, he accosts a passle of hillbillies (I believe that is the correct venery term for such a group) who are anticipating a raccoon vs. hound-dog smackdown.  We knew Mark was fixin’ to punch hisself a hillbilly, but imagine the joy and delight when Mark punches the hillbilly the next day–TWO PUNCHES!–to say nothing of Mark’s manly wading into a brackish stream, while evil hillbilly has festooned himself in hip-waders and glove. WUSSY!

The action was thoughtfully distributed over two days. Could we have handled all of it in a single day? You be the judge! (Read with caution.)

(Thanks to CC’s Amateur for Sneaky’s squeal of delight and the inspiration for this silliness.)

WHEW! Are you still breathing?  You might want to put your head between your knees for a few moments, because the Monday strip shows that in Real Life, things don’t end with just a couple of punches.  There’s White-Collar Villains to consider!  Paparazzi! Indignant logs!  I’m sure that Mark can handle all of them, but we’re far from the end of his Wetlands Adventure!

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