By bats | November 18, 2008 - 3:56 pm

I’ve tried to not sink to other people’s levels in making (too much) fun of The Phantom’s less-than-subtle hero outfit.  But his damned high-and-mighty morals just look like so much holier-than-thou-and-especially-you-little-pygmy-guys platitudizing.  Imagine Mary Worth in purple spandex and stripey Depends.

Okay, don’t imagine that.

I’m just fed up with Kit’s ‘tude (“I need your help, Guran. No, wait. I don’t need it now.”).  Hey, Kit, you do realize that there were plots to assassinate Hitler, too, because he was a Bad Guy, rather than waiting to “bring him to justice.” Guran should hop on his pony and never look back–let you and Klaatu slug it out when Klaatu recovers and you’re bleeding from all of your bodily orifices…

And now that the crisis has been averted, Kit thinks a little “Truth or Dare” would be in order. Leave Guran alone, you goober!  Why don’t you go and fly your fancy-dancy plane off of a cliff or something…

…no, wait.  That really wouldn’t work, would it? Eh. Just leave Guran alone.

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