By bats | December 10, 2008 - 2:10 pm
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Things are weird.  Rex can’t get a deck blanket for love or money (even if he says please!), while Sara and June come upon a ship’s librarian who’s a poster child for bipolar personality.  What else, you might ask, can go wrong?

That’s right…KARAOKE!

There was a comment at the Comics Curmudgeon that the ship librarian is probably one of the chorus line dancers who gets double-duty during the day. Hey, that makes sense to me.  I’m sure some of the other dancers work as fitness instructors, lifeguards, booty call responders, and the like.

It’s a small world, though — I swear I’ve seen the librarian somewhere before.  And that little Sarah…she certainly is a feisty one!

Oh, and another episode of “Fill In the Blank” parlor game:  erase all the original dialog, put in your own words.  No fair adding or deleting word balloons.  Drinking probably improves the game.

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