By bats | May 30, 2022 - 9:39 pm
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A guest…You just know Lois Flagston would love to have a gal-pal shopping and shmoozing with her…being the only Working Mother in Walkertown, though, she seems a few years/decades ahead of the ladies in the neighborhood….Keep trying, Lois! One of these days/years/decades, Irma will leave Thirsty and pop out of her shell!

Then again, some folks don’t really want a guest. Like when they’re hosing offi their immense, bloated carcasses.

It’s enough to scare a cat…

And don’t let me hear you saying “There’s nothin’ to do!”….

(Evidently, JP’s colorist is on sick-leave.)

Since I have no clear idea of what’s going on, other than JP’s artist is out sick, it’s getting thrown into the “Guest strip” category (it was that, or the non-existent Marvel strips…).

Now she’s getting nasty…

Meanwhile, RMMD continues just fine, with Rex, June, or all the other miserable kids…

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