By bats | December 16, 2008 - 1:40 pm
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Okay, so Mark Trail’s been kidnapped by some despicable hillbilly and thrown on an old shrimp boat, bound for A Long Walk Off of a Short Pier.  Faithful Andy saves the day (and Mark), and they’re off in the swamps.

Now, swamps can be nasty, slimy, dangerous places, right?  Not with Mark around! He’s kind of like a North American Snow White, communing with the critters, and having the critters communing with him, too.

I wonder what Disney’s next animated feature is going to be.  One featuring Mark might be a good idea, only we all know that Mark is one of the least-animated character on the comics page…

Still, we’ve got a pretty blonde woman, a crusty old geezer/sidekick, and more animals than you can contract rabies from! Walt would’ve been so happy.

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