By bats | December 23, 2008 - 11:00 pm
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I don’t know why I follow Funky Winkerbean at all, or at least after Lisa’ death/the ten-year “jump.”  I never cared much for the strip, and the ‘old’ characters seem to be at least 20 years older now and singularly unattractive.  In some cases, like Funky himself, he may as well have been hit by a bus, as there is no resemblance between his younger self and his bloated protocorpse.

What really chaps my hide is that Lisa is still apparently alive to both Les and Batuik.  There’s no attempt to show in the strip that while Les can remember his dead wife and even imagine conversations with her via his memories of her, that she’s not alive anymore!  She appears as solidly drawn as any of the other characters in the strip!

Oh, yeah, and Les’ interest in his teen-age daughter is extreme to the edge of incestuous creepiness.  Evidently, a decade of therapy hasn’t done him any good.  Hint, Les:  Funkytown can’t be that small — find another freakin’ therapist!  Get laid! Even if you have to pay for it!  You’re such a sad sack, that you’d probably qualify for a sympathy screw.

In Sunday’s strip, he and Summer (and Lisa) go shopping for a dress for Summer to wear at some school party.  I thought it might be improved by allowing Lisa to opt out of the mad crush at the mall and have Chat Bleu be Les’ Handi-cat.

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