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A recent Family Circus (9 Jan 2009) has Dolly complaining mightily that cats don’t like being taken for walks.  At the end of a leash, lying on the floor, is the very sad Kittycat.  I’ve never seen the Keanes’ Kittycat anything but happy and frisky, and the depiction of her this way just really bummed me out.  It made me think that the little cat is being abused in other ways as well.

(It also made me think about “The Heaviest Harness in the World” photos over at But I digress.)

I hate the idea of small animals being tortured.  Well, mostly.

When I posted the above mashup on, I titled it “Tough Love, Dolly-Style.”  Dang, my mashing of FC has been few and far between recently, and here comes something new, which is probably best titled “Real tough Love, Dolly-Style.”

I suspect in another time and place, the lone daughter of the Keane Clan might’ve grown up to be Dolly, She-Wolf of the SS

(I kinda like how Big Daddy Keane seems on-board with Dolly’s plans.)

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