By bats | January 11, 2009 - 4:53 pm
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I hate being sick.  It would be nice to have it as an excuse that it makes me delirious and hallucinogenic (or that the drugs I taking do), but I’m never that sick.  I usually only get sick enough to be cranky and bitchy and tired (which are either two or three of the unloved Dwarves, I believe).

So, when the current Mary Worth story continues to crawl at a glacier’s pace (I’m not even going to grace this by saying that the plot is advancing — at least glaciers that that in their favor), I notice, and I get even more annoyed by it than I usually do.  Other serials have a similar slow-pacing, but gee whiz! Don’t think that you can keep a reader’s attention, week after week, by only changing the word order around or flipping the panels!  Folks want variety! Intellectual challengePhilosophical quandariesEthical dilemmas!

Okay, “eye-candy” works, too.

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