By bats | January 11, 2009 - 5:45 pm

The 11 January 2009 serial strips were particularly lead-footed today (and Sundays afford multiple panels for exciting action!).  Lynn and her Mama Rose of a coaching dad continue to natter in Mary Worth.  Sam is stuck in the airport with a two-hour layover in Judge Parker (oh, please, God, don’t show us his flight home).  Not much has progressed in Rex Morgan, either, other than June finally believes that Sarah has Seen Something on deck and has gone outside to investigate (way to build your kid’s self-esteem, June).

Still, Mrs. Morgan manages to strike quite the colorful pose in the homey glow of a port-hole, leading to some speculation by CC’s commodorejohn and myself that dropping June into any comics strip would improve it.

Look! An experiment!

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