By bats | January 18, 2009 - 5:02 pm

I can’t believe it – I’m still going through Kleenex and coughing (although the coughing is usually at night, and when I do it during the day, I don’t notice it, even though it appears to freak out everyone around me. Good. Makes up for all the moms who drag their snotty-nosed, mucous-thick coughing kids around with them.)

Anyway, I define “bed-rest” as “sitting in front of the computer and mashing comics.”  And at least I can provide some public service by trying to interpret the newest story-line in The Phantom, with its mysterious appearance of creatures that are know to the locals as “Croccos.”  Croccos?!

(The photo of the stack of Crocs was taken by a tourist in Parma, Italy. It just makes me happy, all jolly and bright and sunny!)

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