By bats | January 20, 2009 - 5:33 pm
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It looks like the die has been cast. The fat lady is warming up. The Zamboni is idling.  Yes, the long program is finally here in the Mary Worth ice-skating extravaganza…a mere four minutes on the ice, and we’ll know if Lynn Griffin and her pony-tail are the champions her trophy-driven father envisions, or just another wannabe whose childhood and adolescence has been squandered for little more than a constant set of chilblains.

What the hell are chilblains, anyway?

I like figure-skating.  I like it even better when skaters use out-of-the-ordinary music (Michelle Kwan using Loreena McKenitt’s Dante’s Prayer; that cute Paul guy using Patrick Doyle’s Henry V soundtrack). There’s a lot of music out there.

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