By bats | January 28, 2009 - 4:59 pm

Finally! Sarah is tucked into bed, and it’s time for a little kanoodling, Rex Morgan style…

There’s been lots of pirate action, or at least pirate talk, on the comics page.  Pirates always seem to be an issue for The Phantom, and even Rex wonders, given the disastrous bend to the cruise, if a pirate ship isn’t just over the horizon.

Heck, even in 9 Chickweed Lane, Seth and Mark discuss piratical behavior (check out the 27 January 2009 panel…it’s great!).  Of course, knowing me, some of that has to ooze over to other characters, other plots:

And in spite of everything, the talk continues to center on Sarah’s little stowaway friend.  Personally, I’m bored with the Donut Kid, just as the Morgans seem with their own flesh-and-blood (Yes. I know that Rex looks really, really odd in the second panel. I didn’t mess with him at all, I swear!  He does look pretty hunky in the last panel, you have to admit.):

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