By bats | February 18, 2024 - 3:01 pm
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I love Onychomys as much as the next person (go look it up), and I even have a video of the little guy, but when Ed Dodd and James Allen and now Jules Rivera “highlight” him, I think he deserves more than cheap newspaper print (even if it’s on Sunday)…

And a keen Bliss contribution, even if it isn’t a grasshopper mouse (there was a nice, subtle snark about the male lion hanging out and drinking cheap beer (read, Keystone beer)… Oh, and the new Mark Trail was so much fun…

Actually, this seems to be turning into a real “Wild Kingdom” thread (and I, for one, welcome our new zoological overlords…).

(This concerns Mary Worth and the crying demand for a new story — GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Nonetheless, Window Eels Local feel compelled to rally with this fine idea, and they’re not alone.)

So Cherry’s all excited by keeping all domestic cats indoors, since they kill about a gazillion songbird annually (true fact). She’s on the hunt for Banjo Cat with the help of her dad Doc. Will they find the nefarious BC? (In the words of Doc, “That robin was pretty dang annoying…”)

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