By bats | February 20, 2009 - 3:54 pm
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True Fable over at CC did a marvelous rant of Brooke McE.’s continuing, cutesy, boring fixation on young lust, with double entendres which are evidently supposed to rival Noel Coward and/or Cole Porter.


Edda and Amos might be gosh-darn genius kids, graduating high school early, attending Julliard, traveling to Belgium to compete in world championship cello play-offs.  But you know, you can be too droll, too waggish, too obtuse, too lifetime-subscription-to-The-New-Yorker.  Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and a phallus a…

…well, whatever.

[I have to admit that I was seriously tickled and touched by CC Rusty’s comment about it “I would read this strip every day”.  Awwww, shucks…that is so sweet! Thanks, Rusty!]

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